Application Form for Directors

//Application Form for Directors

Application Form for Directors

There are more than 185 individuals serving as Directors on the Board of the Governments 28 Public Bodies. These men and women are distinguished, qualified and knowledgeable members of the community who are committed to turning our Public Bodies into efficiently run organizations delivering quality services. Board Directors bring a wealth of experience from the private and public sector; experience that is needed to improve the performance of state owned enterprises. Anyone interested in serving on the Board of Directors of a Public Body is encouraged to review the Director Application Form by clicking on the link below.

All applications are reviewed by an Independent Selection Committee (ISC). Applicants who satisfy the eligibility requirements are added to the Ministry’s applicant database. Whenever a vacancy arises the ISC reverts to this database and shortlists 4-5 applicants with the skills set and experience required for the position for consideration. A recommendation is then made to Cabinet for their endorsement.

To be eligible for a directorship one must:

  • Be 21 years of age or more.
  • Not be judged mentally defective under the Mental Health Act 2007.
  • Not be a director or manger of a company at the time the company was placed in receivership or liquidation.
  • Not be disqualified from being a Director under sections 202, 203 or 204 of the Companies Act 2001.
  • Not be a member of Parliament, Public Servant or Constitutional Officer.
  • Not have a history of failing to repay on time any money owned by the person to any Public Body.
  • Not be convicted of an offence punishable by death or by imprisonment for a term of two years.
  • Not be an employee, Director or shareholder in another business similar to or potentially in conflict with the Public Body they are applying to.
  • Directors Application Form | 4 pages | 116 KB :: View | Download

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