• Efficient institutional support services
    “It is essential to the successful achievement of the first four goals. It concerns itself with the legal, human resource management and development, financial management, ICT, policy, planning and other corporate service related processes necessary for the Ministry to achieve its objectives.”


  • Ensure excellent in Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development
  • Enhance financial management process
  • Improve and enhance ICT Support
  • Maintain high standard of legal support

Performance Indicators

  • Ensure 100% compliance of all MPE staff
  • Review and recommendation of Organisational structure approved by PSC
  • Workforce Plan approved by CEO and endorsed by PSC
  • Maintain high percentage of occupied positions
  • Compliance with CARS and Code of best practice
  • Compliance with Government budget cycle
  • Compliance with procurement manual and treasury instructions
  • Annual Report must be tabled to parliament within 3 months after the financial year
  • ICT Manual developed and implemented
    MPE website developed and monitored
  • Legal advices are practical and concise pertaining directly to the issues and matters arising

Division Publications

MPE Corporate Plan 2017 – 2020

  • English PDF Document | 21 pages | 633KB :: View | Download

  • Samoan PDF Document | 23 pages | 2000KB :: View | Download

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