The Ministry for Public Enterprises (M.P.E.) has moved from the Central Bank building.

Their new office space was officially opened on Friday afternoon and is located at the first floor of the NPF Plaza in Apia.

The Minister of M.P.E., Lautafi Fio Purcell, said the office itself was not important, rather what goes on within its walls.

Lautafi noted that teamwork and honesty were the most important things. 

He commended the organisation’s Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Elita To’oala, and her staff for their good work over the years. 

Lautafi said he was surprised to see the growing number of employees in the Ministry, which he took as a sign that its work was ongoing. 

“I thank you all for the hard work that you all do and it is around these times that we see people throwing rocks at us,” he said.

“But we shall continue to do our work with assurance that we are doing the right thing, and that’s okay.”

Lautafi said that in previous years the Ministry conducted so much work in the previously congested office space they occupied, they should be able to be doubly productive in their new digs. 

The plaza place the M.P.E. now occupy was previously Tokelau’s office in Samoa.

The Minister also used the opportunity to urge C.E.O.s of Government enterprises who were present to make sure that their dividends were being paid on time and that their annual reports are up to date.

He also encouraged the staff to expand their horizons even if it meant applying for another job, saying it is not good to idle in one’s comfort zone. 

“Don’t stay put, even if the C.E.O. says ‘do not apply’: go for it,” said Lautafi.

“You never know when you land the job that triggers and utilises your full potential and then that’s where you will continue to work diligently.”

The ceremony was hosted in the plaza with a prayer before attendees were taken on a tour of their new working space.

The Ministry’s aim is to improve the financial performance and compliance of all public bodies and to improve and enhance their service to the public by achieving the best workforce, ensuring sufficient resources, and an enabling working environment.  

Soli Wilson (29, February 2020). M.P.E. opens new HQ. Samoa Observer. front page.

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