Cabinet at its meeting held on the 2nd December 2019 appointed 92 individuals to serve as Public Body Board Directors. From this number 38 have been appointed as Directors for the first time while the remaining 54 are re-appointments. All of the Public Bodies except for the Gambling Control Authority (GCA), Polynesian Limited/Samoa Airways and Samoa Ports Authority (SPA) have experienced changes to their Board of Directors.

The total number of Directors serving on the Boards of Public Bodies is 131. This is down from 181 as of the 30th November 2019. Earlier this year (January 2020) Parliament passed the Miscellaneous (Boards of Public Bodies) Amendment Act 2020 which saw a reduction in the number of Directors on Boards from seven (7) to a minimum of three (3) and not more than (5). This followed an extensive review of the composition of Boards that resulted in changes to the technical competencies & experience required by Board Directors.

Of the 131 Board Directors:

  • There are 34 female directors; 26% compared to 24% (30th Nov 19)
  • There are 97 male directors; 74% compared to 76% (30th Nov 19)
  • There are 6 Boards with new Chairpersons. They are Samoa Shipping Corporation, Samoa Water Authority, Samoa International Finance Authority, Samoa Life Assurance Corporation, Samoa Sports Facilities Authority and Samoa Tourism Authority.

Letters of Offers have been sent to each appointee and the Office of the Attorney General is preparing the Warrants of Appointments to be signed by the Head of State. Once this is completed a full list of Director appointments will be uploaded.

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