This handbook is a revised and simplified version of the Framework for the planning and implementation of the Public Private Partnerships in Samoa which was approved by Cabinet in FK (14)30 of 7th August 2014, to reflect new developments in the public sector and the establishment of the Ministry for Public Enterprises in 2015.

The framework consists of guidelines for advance planning, procurement, contracting agreement, and unsolicited proposals for all Government Agencies (Ministry, SOE or department) to follow when planning and implementing Public Private Partnerships. These guidelines will assist in strengthening the existing Public Private Partnerships arrangements that are guided by the traditional public procurement guidelines, to enhance private sector developments and public service delivery in line with objectives of the Strategies for the Development of Samoa. The framework is also part of ongoing Government reforms to strengthen State Owned Enterprises performances as required by the Public Bodies (Performance and Accountability) Act 2001.

For more information about this handbook, please contact PPP and Privatization Division of the Ministry for Public Enterprises.

To view or download a copy of the handbook, please go to the publications page.

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