Board of Directors

(Approved by Cabinet as Public Beneficial Body FK(20)20 on 2020 27th May)

  • Lavea George Hazelman (Chairperson)
  • Sine S C Lafaialii Koria
  • Asiata Prof Dr. Satupaitea Viali
  • Hilda Sylvia Leilua
Accident Compensation Corporation Logo

Date of Establishment: 1989
General Manager:
Muliagatele Makerita Matafeo

Vision and Mission

Vision: To create a sustainable accident compensation scheme and to be more responsive to the needs of the scheme beneficiaries.

Mission : The Corporation will take the leading role in the reduction of social, economic and physical impact of accidents covered under the ACC mandate through:

  • Safety Promotion
  • Rehabilitation
  • Processing of Compensation
  • Levy Collection
  • Investment

Key Objectives

  • Safety Promotion and Rehabilitation
    1. To improve safety and accident prevention for workers in the workplace, at home, during sports and recreation and for any person(s) in the use of specified conveyances.
    2. To promote, improve and monitor well coordinated and vigorous programs for medical and vocational rehabilitation for persons who become incapacitated as a result of personal injury accident covered under scheme.
  • Compensation
    1. To ensure speedy settlement of all claims and timely payment of compensation to the injured and dependants of the deceased while at time of need.
  • Human Resource
    1. To continually develop human resource capacity through training and provision of various conditions for improving services.
    2. To improve standard services offered to clients and the general public
  • Financial
    1. To achieve budgeted collections from employers and employees, fuel levy, ACC house and Fugalei Market tenants.
    2. To ensure timeliness and efficient production of financial reports in compliance with ACC Act and the Public Bodies Act
    3. To ensure the efficient and effective financial management of the Corporation’s investment.
  • Internal Audit
    1. To continue and maintain the integrity of internal controls over financial systems and legal compliance.
    2. Ensure restoration the effectiveness and adequate of Internal Controls and Process
    3. Ensure operational and management efficiency are implemented and continuously monitored.
    4. Compliance to relevant legislation and policies, internal control policies, corporate plan.
    5. Provide support to the Audit Committee and Management.

Financial Highlights

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