Board of Directors

(Approved by Cabinet as Public Beneficial Body FK(20)20 on 2020 27th May)

  • Seve Folototo Seve (Chairperson)
  • Rev Uta Muaulu
  • Muaausa Iliolemalae Posesione Toma
  • Vanessa Barlow Schuster
Gambling Control Authority Logo

Tuala Taimalelagi Siaki Tuala


The objective of setting up the Gambling Control Authority by the Government is to license casinos, manage their operation and bring under the control of one Authority all gambling and gaming activities with a view to better control and enhance monitoring over the gambling sector.  The Authority continued to provide focus to achieve their linked Vision and Mission statements as stated below:

Vision and Mission

  • Vision Statement: to be the trusted Casino and gambling Regulator utilising international best practices, advancing our mission with pride and integrity for a safe Samoa.
  • Mission Statement:
    • To control the growth of gaming and gambling in Samoa
    • Ensuring that the management and operation of a casino is and remains free from criminal influence or exploitation.
    • Ensuring that gaming in a casino is conducted honestly and responsibly.
    • To ensure that money from gambling or gaming is applied to community purposes.
    • To ensure that all gaming and gambling is licensed
    • To ensure the integrity and fairness of licensed games of chance;
    • Containing and controlling the potential of a casino and all forms of licensed gambling and gaming to cause harm to minors, vulnerable persons and society at large.

Financial Highlights

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