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Board of Directors

  • Vacant (Chairperson)
  • Stefan Szegedi
  • Toleafoa Joseph Toleafoa
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Tupe Ualolo Nun Yun


The principal purpose of Samoa Post Limited (SPL) as set out in the Postal Services Act 2010 is to:

  • Must provide a universal postal service within Samoa.
  • Have the exclusive right to provide a reserved postal service within Samoa.
  • May provide such commercial postal services as it considers appropriate in accordance with Section 8 of the Public Bodies (Performance & Accountability) Act 2001.
  • May conduct such other commercial activities as are consistent with the Companies Act and the Rules of Samoa Post under that Act.

It continues to provide focus to achieve their linked Vision and Mission statements as stated below:

Vision and Mission

  • Vision Statement: “Samoa Post to achieve excellence throughout the provision of profitable, affordable, reliable and accessible postal services to its domestic and international clients.”
  • Mission Statement: “To be the “LEADER” in physical distribution of parcels and communications in the local and international market, and be an essential partner for the business community.”

Financial Highlights

Total Revenue (SAT m)2.012.552.36
Total Expenditure (SAT m)1.661.651.59
NPAT (SAT m).190.640.62
NPAT as % of Revenue9.225.226.4
Current Ratio1.31.281.29
Cash Flow balance (SAT m)2.327.676.06
Non Financial KPIs
Number of Sub Postal Offices 353028
Number of DPOs + CPOs1 + 51 + 51 + 5
Postal Volumes210,184176,184160,914
Number of occupied post boxes2,0771,9571,795
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