Board of Directors

  • Sulamanaia Nuuetolu Montini Ott (Chairperson)
  • Manuleleua Sonny Lameta
  • Shelley Christine Burich
  • Grace Mulitalo Mitchell
Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa Logo

Date of Establishment: 2006
General Manager:
Fiso Dr Fiame Leo

Vision and Mission

Vision: “Achieving a significant improvement in Samoa’s GDP and social benefits through research and the development of value adding to Samoa’s goods and services.”

Mission:  “To conduct scientific research and development technologies of great value in the sustainable development of value added goods and services for export, and to achieve reduction in fuel imports and greenhouse gas emission.”

Key Objectives

  1. To promote the national economy of Samoa based on research and development.
  2. To undertake scientific and technical research with the primary aim of adding value to local resources.
  3. To develop functional prototypes of products and processes based on scientific and technical research for the local or overseas markets.
  4. To establish partnership with the private sector and commercial interests to support the Organization’s activities
  5. To ensure effective training for researchers and technical research
  6. Augment and effectively manage financial and human resources of the Organization

Financial Highlights

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