Board of Directors

  • Tupuola Oloialii Koki Tuala (Interim Chairperson)
  • Taimalieutu Charlie Westerlund (interim director)
Polynesian Airlines Limited Logo

Managing Director:
Fauo’o Fatu Tielu


Polynesian Airlines provides airline and airport services flights between Samoa and America Samoa, Aircraft ground and cargo handling services for Air New Zealand and Fiji Airways and general sales activities.  It continues to provide focus to achieve their linked Vision and Mission statements as stated below:

Vision and Mission

  • Vision Statement: “We are committed to providing a safe domestic and international air service that is competitive, reliable, and excellent service for our customers and to supporting the economic development of Samoa through”
  • Mission Statement: “To provide a safe airline operation and to deliver a competitive and reliable customer service”

Financial Highlights

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