Board of Directors

(Approved by Cabinet as Public Beneficial Body FK(20)20 on 2020 27th May)

  • Lilomaiava Leilua Punivalu (Chairperson)
  • Telesia Maria Niumata
  • Palanitina Tupuimatagi Toelupe
  • Leota Kapeneta Perelini
Land Transport Authority Logo

Sagauga Leilani Marama Galuvao


The purpose of LTA under its empowering Act is to plan, develop, operate and maintain a safe, efficient and effective national road system for Samoa.

It continues to provide focus to achieve their linked Vision and Mission statements as stated below:

Vision and Mission

  • Vision Statement:“To sustain the provision of a safe national road network for Samoa”
  • Mission Statement: “To sustain National Road Networks by:
    • Achieving acceptable standards of roads
    • Achieving acceptable standards of land transport infrastructure
    • Meeting road use management standards to achieve quality of life”

Financial Highlights

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