Board of Directors

  • Tagaloa Eddie Wilson (Chairperson)
  • Asuao Kirifi Pouono
  • Levaopolo Maselina Sosene
  • Aualiitia Togatalima Faafouina Milford
  • Tuisa Tasi Patea

General Manager:


The core functions of the Corporation are:

  1. To control, manage, and develop as trustee for and on behalf of the people of Samoa the following;
    • Assets of the Corporation vested in it; and
    • Any other assets that the Corporation may have acquired or may acquire, whether real or personal.
  2. To ensure efficient and prudent agricultural, industrial, commercial or other development of land, assets and other business enterprises.

Vision and Mission

  • Vision Statement: "To achieve excellence in the management and development of our estates for income generation and improvement of livelihoods."
  • Mission Statement: "Sustainable development of resources to improve income and the provision of quality service."

Financial Highlights


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