Board of Directors

  • Lemamea Lemalu Dr. Limbo Fiu(Chairperson)
  • Maiava Lavea Iosefa
  • Afamasaga Vernier Punivalu Galuvao
  • Asiata Van Wright
  • Namulauulu Dr Malofou Nuualofa Tuuau-Potoi

Date of Establishment: 2005
General Manager: 
Mulipola Iose Hazelman

Vision and Mission

Vision:   “Excellence in the reduction of and in the care for, patients with renal failure”

Mission: “To actively pursue the reduction of the incidence of kidney failure and kidney-related diseases, with sustainability in the provision of quality holistic care for patients already with end stage renal failure”

Key Objectives

  1. To provide a Dialysis Services.
  2. To provide information on kidneys and kidney related diseases.
  3. To reduce the incidence of end stage renal failure.

NKFS provides haemodialysis service in both Upolu and Savaii, whereby people with end stage renal failure come in 3 times a week, for approximately 5 hours a session, for renal replacement therapy. It extends to visitors requiring temporary acute dialysis at the National Health Services (NHS)

Financial Highlights

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