Board of Directors

  • Tauili’ili Alise Faulalo Stunnenberg (Chairperson)
  • Tuiataga Nathan Bucknall
  • Tupai Saleimoa Rapi Vaai
  • Taveuveu Fiti Filisoa Fiti
Samoa Tourism Authority Logo

Date of Establishment: 1984
Chief Executive Officer:
Pativaine Reita Petaia-Tavita

Vision and Mission

Vision: “By 2019 Samoa will have a growing tourism sector which engages our visitors and people and is recognized as the leading Pacific destination for the sustainable tourism”

Mission: “To promote quality Sustainable Tourism that is beneficial to Samoa and satisfactory to tourists seeking a premier Samoa Experience”

Goals and Objectives

  1. Ensure advancement of Authority’s strategies in accordance with the STSP 2014-2019
  2. Grow demand and yield for the destination and its tourism products
  3. Coordinate effective declinational marketing, product and service planning as well as industry planning with the provision of timely relevant research and statistical information.
  4. Provide education and training which supports industry and community needs.
  5. Support product improvements and new product development to meet market expectations.
  6. Provide an enabling environment to support growth and investment in tourism related business.
  7. Increase destination competitiveness through increased accessibility infrastructure use and maintenance.
  8. Manage the financial and human resources of the Authority in line with the Tourism Development Act 2012 and the Public Bodies (Performance and Accountability) Act 2001.

Financial Highlights

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